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TOPS GO! Mobile Management


Today's Manager is Always on the Move

Between community inspections, board meetings, and working with vendors, association managers need quick access to their community's information in the palm of their hand. Used with TOPS iQ and TOPS Professional, TOPS GO! is a mobile application that runs on iOS and Android devices. This means the manager in the field can access their relevant TOPS Professional community data via their iPhone or Android smartphone or tablet quickly and efficiently.

  • Access all of the standard TOPS Management Modules.
  • Start working from a picture! Use your device to take a photo and instantly create a record from the photo, or attach it to an existing record.
  • Quick search finds the records you need quickly and easily.
  • Quick maps for property addresses and work order locations.
  • View open records or easily create new records from any owner screen.
  • Add notes, images or updates to CC&R, Service Request or Work Order records.
  • Easily administer users access, and view activity logs in TOPS Professional.

Get Up and Running Fast!

Set up your account and then go to the Apple App Store or Android Market to get the TOPS GO! program on your phone or tablet. Syncing your data to TOPS GO! is as simple as clicking a button in TOPS. There is no need to have the physical device with you in the office; and syncing is easy and painless: it only takes about 1 minute per 1,000 homes to load entire communities.

No Startup Fees!

When you choose TOPS GO!, you pay nothing down, and one small monthly rate per device that you connect. You can easily manage devices from a simple admin process. Because no community data is physically stored on the device, you can activate any Android device (such as an employee's personal smart phone) and then deactivate it remotely when you need to.

TOPS GO! saves our managers 50 percent of their time. They actually came to me asking for more properties!

Avelino Vide, AVID Property Management
Demo TOPS Go!

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