Data Conversion to TOPS

Many of our new customers come to TOPS after using another software package. Of course, you want to keep all of the data that you have compiled in your old software. Instead of making you re-type that data into TOPS yourself, We provide a conversion service that will help you get all of your important community data converted to a TOPS Professional compatible format, and up and running inside your TOPS installation. 

Typically, conversions are limited to owners properties and streets. Additional conversion data may be arranged on a case by case basis. Two conversion pricing structures exist, based on the format of the data extracted from your previous program:

  • Structured Data - This data should have been retrieved from the previous program in a recognizable database format such as an Excel Spreadsheet laid out in specific formats. Data fields should have a compatible match with data fields in TOPS Professional.
  • Unstructured Data - This data was retrieved from the previous program as raw reports printed to disk or compatible data formats, such as fixed length text. Conversion from this type is more difficult as the data must first be converted to a structured database.

A variety of community data may be converted from your existing format. However, there are limitations. Most financial information cannot be converted. This includes Bank accounts, owner payment histories, GL transactions, and AP transactions.

Multiple Communities - Because subsequent data is easier to convert once the initial conversion structure has been determined, we charge an initial conversion fee for the first community, and a much lesser fee for subsequent community conversions.

TOPS Implementation Plans