Welcome aboard and thank you for choosing TOPS! We're glad that you have chosen us to help you with managing your community association(s), and we hope that you enjoy being a part of the TOPS family as much as we enjoy having you!

As a new TOPS user, it may seem overwhelming at first - there is a lot to do, and there is a lot that TOPS can do. That's where your implementation team comes in. The implementation team consists of Installation, Data Conversion, Training and Support services. All of these people are going to be working hand-in-hand with you to ensure that you get up and running smoothly within the next 90 days.

We'll be contacting you to get you going, but if you are eager to get started, you are in the right place! Here are some resources that will help you get going:

  • TOPS CC Blog - This is our customer blog. We publish regular monthly articles as well as news, information and program updates. This is a good ongoing source for information; I recommend you subscribe to the post.
  • Where to Begin with TOPS Training - This is your guide to the TOPS Training department, showing recommended classes to get you going with TOPS Training.
  • Customer Support Portal - If you've got issues, our support team is here to help! The Customer Portal is open 24/7/365 so you can create a support ticket, review open tickets, check your billing and update your contact information.
  • The TOPS Help Wiki - This is a collection of online help articles that you can search. Many of the topics are based on actual questions asked by other customers.

It is the goal of the TOPS Professional Services team to make your transition as smooth as possible. Please feel free to contact me at any time, with any questions you may have.

Nicole Beal
Director of Professional Services
TOPS Software :