New Customers

New customers are given 90 days of one-on-one training to help you get up and going strong with TOPS. This training series is customized to your needs, and will focus primarily on the aspects of the program that align with your organization's needs.

New Employees

Bringing on a new employee? Each month, TOPS training provides a series of courses intended to get users new to TOPS up and running. Pick and choose the courses that are specific to that employee's job, or get a more well-rounded education in TOPS by completing all of the courses listed here.

Continuing Education

Did you know that the typical TOPS customer only utilizes 25% of the features available in the program? Our continuing education courses will teach you how to maximize your usage of the program by incorporating new features and utilizing the full range of functionality in the features you currently use. 

TOPS Training

TOPS' internet training program offers all TOPS users the chance to learn the ins and outs of their programs' modules and functions. We have developed several classes from new community set-up to year end processing, and everything else in between (including a four hour in-depth course on CCR/ACC Enforcement).

We are working on expanding the curriculum of classes that we offer through TOPS University. The Training Department at TOPS would like to let our customers know that we are here to assist you with both TOPS questions, and with non-software general accounting questions. Our Corporate Trainers have extensive experience with TOPS software, and with property management and association accounting.

TOPS Training Tracks
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We offer an introductory series as well as three primary training tracks to support your training needs:

If it is customized training you need, please contact us so that we can create a training program to suit your organization's needs.


Register for Classes

We grew so quickly that we didn’t have time to set up TOPS 100 percent. As I’ve attended [TOPS] classes and workshops, I’ve found more and more useful things that it does. Companies should definitely attend the meetings and training. I wish we had done that earlier. We would have made the cost back two-fold!
Avelino Vide, CEO of Avid Property Management