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Where to Begin?

We offer many classes that cover a variety of topics within each module of TOPS, and sometimes it's difficult to tell which class should be taken first. The classes below are organized by module and it is our recommendation that they be taken in the order displayed within each section. This is not a comprehensive list of all classes offered.

Recommended Courses (by Job Title)

The TOPS administrator is the person responsible for defining the settings and creating the communities that will be used in the TOPS program. Some of the setup requires a knowledge of accounting preferences, such as the Chart of Accounts for each community. For that reason, if your administrator and your accounting manager are two different people, we recommend both individuals attend these classes:

The Bookkeeper would be working with any and all aspects of the accounting modules in TOPS. Classes for the general bookkeeper follow the accounting cycle, and include both AR and AP functions, as well as journal entries and reconciliations. We assume that your communities are already set up by another individual. If your communities are not set up, start with the classes for Accounting Managers.

You focus on the money, baby! From processing checks to entering lock box receipts, your job is to track (and sometimes track down) all receivables. Here are the classes that can help you get the job done:

Managing the money going out is a big job, and time consuming, unless you can find ways to make life easier! That's where TOPS comes in. You want to be an AP processing superstar. Here are some classes that can help you get there:

As a community association manager (CAM), you wear a lot of hats. From owner communications, to managing maintenance to rules enforcement, for you it's all about keeping the homeowners and the boards happy. These classes give you the tools you need to get in, do what you need to do as fast as possible, and get out so you can get back to making people happy again!